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Which Grey’s Anatomy Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Type?

With more than 17 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy features a variety of characters with diverse personalities, making the medical drama a real attention-getter for the audience after such a long time of its release. After all, fans like to identify with the experiences of their favorite characters on TV.

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Although the zodiac signs of each Grey’s Anatomy character are not revealed by the creators of the series, their characteristics, personality, and techniques for handling a medical crisis situation allow the audience to establish the zodiac sign that works for them.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on August 29, 2021: When a series like Grey’s Anatomy focuses on a group of doctors, fans might have been quick to think that meticulous Virgos or hardworking Capricorns fill the ranks. That’s not entirely true, though, as all of the zodiac signs are well represented in the large cast of characters that populate the show. Though some characters might have only stayed a few seasons, they made a big impression on the audience and their personality traits can be used to identify those other zodiac signs.

13 Aries: Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in "Grey's Anatomy."

Like people born under the Aries sign, Cristina is very competitive and passionate. She is usually very energetic, motivated, and ready to take action at any time. In order not to be outdone, she is always trying to be the first among her peers with a diagnosis and a treatment.

Her courage can sometimes work against her because she can be reckless when trying to get short-term results. In addition, Aries are characterized by making very good arguments but do not like anyone to contradict them.

12 Taurus: Alex Karev

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy

Like Alex, Taurus signs have a hard time forming bonds of affection, but after a while, they usually have very good relationships with those around them.

Those of this type wish to succeed in life and therefore make practical efforts, although they are hesitant to take risks. They are also capable of putting up with problems for long periods, but if they don’t get what they want, they can are easy to vex and can react badly. That’s because a Taurus is a creature of habit; they don’t like change. Alex often deals with major changes, like a love interest suddenly disappearing, with anger.

11 Gemini: Lexie Grey

Geminis have great problem-solving skills and entrepreneurship. Meredith’s little sister Lexie had the characteristics of this zodiacal sign, with a great intellect that made her stand out among her peers and advance faster than many.

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Those of this zodiac type are also very talkative and with these communicative gifts, they can be very persuasive. Lexie was always great at getting the other doctors to talk to her and see her point of view — even Meredith, who didn’t initially want to get to know her.

10  Cancer: Arizona Robbins

Arizona holding her weed cookies and smiling

Arizona is always willing to give a lot to those around her without expecting anything in return, plus she is very loving and often wears her feelings on her sleeve.

She likes to have a close relationship with her patients and fights for them with all her might. That all fits right in line with a Cancer, the sign most often associated with people who are “in their feelings.” Cancers are also ones who don’t forgive easily, so if someone betrays Arizona, they should watch out.

9 Leo: Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan's death on Grey's Anatomy.

Leos love getting the spotlight. A fire sign, they have a lot of energy and life, but they can also be very proud. Mark distinguished himself by being popular and having natural charm, so he lived in the midst of many people.

In addition, he loved to succeed and be recognized, just as Leos love to be appreciated, but because of his leadership skills, he also served as a solid guide for the residents, to whom he gave his support.

8 Virgo: Miranda Bailey

Like Virgos, Bailey is detail-oriented, organized, and hardworking. Bailey’s analytical side allows her to be attentive to what is going on around her so she can make an assessment of everything, identifying problems and assigning the right solution.

Virgos, by using their mind and great intelligence to solve everything, can easily become frustrated when they encounter situations that escape their understanding.

7 Libra: Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey

Meredith, like most Libras, is popular and sociable, which makes her the person who connects many of her coworkers to one another. She ensures that everyone around her is well and fights for the common good, regardless of whether she has to put herself last to meet the needs of others.

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Libras are natural leaders and can assume great responsibilities in their work. In their personal lives, they can find happiness and balance if they have a person by their side who offers security, which is why Meredith often searches for stability in her relationships in addition to passion.

6 Scorpio: Callie Torres

An image of Callie smiling to someone off screen while she has a drink at Joe's Bar in Grey's Anatomy

Like Callie, Scorpios are very passionate, sensual, and intense in all aspects of their lives. These people tend to care a lot about their friends and family and have deep emotions, so, if they manage to handle their feelings well, they are excellent friends and partners. However, Scorpios often hide their feelings until they are comfortable with the people around them.

This sign is also highly motivated, focused, resourceful and energetic, but must have a job that they find challenging in order to maximize their abilities and creativity. Perhaps that’s why Callie participated in so many complex studies and operations in the series.

5 Ophiuchus: Izzie Stevens

The often forgotten (unofficial) thirteenth zodiac sign is Ophiuchus. Its traits are those of both Scorpios and Sagittarius: passion, a secretive nature, a desire to learn, and a sense of wanderlust.

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Though Izzie Stevens only appears in the first six seasons of the show, the audience learns a lot about her in that time. She took on something of an adventure to pay for medical school: modeling. Izzie also absorbed knowledge like a sponge, being the first person to figure out that something was wrong with her when her own interns thought she just had an anxiety disorder. Though she initially hid a lot about her past from her friends, she gradually opened up to them — and became a strong advocate for all of her patients.

4 Sagittarius: Derek Shepherd

Sagittarius people have great energy and an optimistic outlook on life, so they assume a positive and happy attitude most of the time. Like Derek, Sagittarians are eager to explore and learn about their favorite subjects and usually are thinking of new ideas or ways to improve what they do.

A Sagittarius longs for adventure and freedom and has an open mind, which allows them to observe the world from different angles before finding the best option for them. That falls right in line with Derek being so fascinated with experimental surgeries.

3 Capricorn: Richard Webber

Chief Webber is highly respected for his efforts and accomplishments. Like Capricorns, Richard knows how to calculate and think carefully in order to make the best decisions; this helps him avoid mistakes and have correct analyses that provide him with a high success rate in his cases.

People of this sign are able to obtain positions of authority in their careers by their great discipline, ambition, and commitment, but if they do not achieve their goals, they can show resentment and selfishness.

2 Aquarius: Jo Wilson

Aquarians are often considered eccentric. They always need change to feel motivated and in their work, they can be very efficient and imaginative as they love to solve problems with outside-the-box thinking.

They are often constantly concerned about the welfare of everyone. In spite of being very friendly, they can disconnect from reality and the people around them, ending up alone. Jo’s Aquarius nature is best seen in her belief that being a doctor is about helping people. She’s incredibly independent and doesn’t trust easily either, as Aquarians tend to like to problem solve alone.

1 Pisces: Levi Schmitt

Pisces is a sign of great sensitivity and imagination. The natural empathy they have makes them suffer what others have negative experiences. They often put aside their needs to help others.

In their personal life, they tend to idealize their partners and at work, they are focused on good performance. Like Levi, Pisces may find it hard to feel strong and connected to society, but they have great compassion and are very charitable.

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