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Stranger Things Season 4: Every Confirmed Character Group & Location

Warning! Spoilers for Stranger Things season 4 ahead.

The Stranger Things season 4 cast have been separated into different groups, and this is a complete guide to their locations and respective story arcs – where is every character in Stranger Things season 4, exactly? No longer confined to the town of Hawkins, the cast of Netflix’s multi-genre, coming-of-age adventure fantasy make it all the way to Russia in the fourth season, although Hopper isn’t exactly excited to be there.

After the Battle of Starcourt, Hopper ends up in a Russian prison in the middle of nowhere, where he is joined by Murray and Joyce and even makes a new friend in Dmitri. Meanwhile, at Dr. Brenner’s secret NINA facility in Nevada, Eleven remembers her past with Henry Creel, also known as Vecna. While Mike and Jonathan’s group journey to Salt Lake City to seek Suzie’s help in finding Eleven, Nancy and Steve are trapped in the Upside Down, and the remainder of Dustin’s group struggle to find a way to save their trapped friends from Hawkins.


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The Stranger Things season 4 ending was a great setup for Volume 2. However, after everything that happened, it can be difficult to keep track of where everyone is and what they’re up to. So where is every character in Stranger Things season 4? Here’s everything viewers need to know about the Stranger Things season 4 character pairings.

Hopper, Dmitri, Joyce, and Murray in Russia

Following the Stranger Things season 3 finale during which Hopper appears to die, Hopper survives but gets confined to a Russian labor/death camp, prompting Joyce and Murray to try and rescue him. After Hopper’s failed escape plan leads Hopper and his accomplice Dmitri to be served up as dinner for a Demigorgon, the two escape certain death with Joyce and Murray’s help. In one of the most beautiful scenes in Stranger Things, Joyce and Hopper finally reunite, a wordless embrace that speaks volumes.

How Hopper returned and his Russian action-thriller story arc provide the most interesting answers when asking, “where is every character in Stranger Things season 4?” While Hopper and Dmitri get to show off their cunning and survival skills, Joyce and Murray get pulled into the world of espionage in their efforts reach Hopper in Kamchatka. Stranger Things season 4, volume 1 ends with Hopper, Joyce, Murray, and Dmitri making short work of the Russian prison guards, but they’re not out of the woods yet.

Eleven, Dr. Brenner, and Vecna at NINA in Nevada

Stranger things Nina Project time travel

After Eleven gets arrested when she hits her bully’s face with rolling skates, she gets separated from Mike and Will and once again ends up in the care of Dr. Brenner, this time at Brenner and Owens’ secret NINA facility. Under a missile silo in Nevada, Brenner and Owens put Eleven inside NINA, a floatation tank and psychic aid. They eventually succeed at solving the problem of Eleven’s missing powers in Stranger Things.

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However, as the process entails Eleven recalling repressed memories from her childhood in Hawkins Lab, Eleven learns that it was actually her who created Vecna and that she’s indirectly responsible for all the strange events in Hawkins. Eleven also learns that Dr. Brenner created her and her “siblings” from Vecna/Henry Creel’s blood, which allowed Brenner to continue his experiments while keeping the dangerous Henry under his control. Eleven is still physically in Nevada, but following these reveals in the finale, Eleven’s mind could be elsewhere.

Mike, Will, Jonathan, Suzie, and Argyle in Salt Lake City

Stranger Things Suzie Mike Will Jonathan

Leaving the iconic Stranger Things Byers house in Hawkins behind, Will, Joyce, Jonathan, and Eleven begin season 4 in sunny California, and are later joined by Mike and Argyle. After facing off with government agents and assassins in their quest to rescue Eleven, Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle follow a clue from Agent Harmon regarding Eleven’s location. Where is every character in Stranger Things season 4’s cross-country adventure now?

Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle go to Salt Lake City to visit Suzie, who help them locate the NINA facility after they team-up with Suzie’s siblings to distract her dad in a flurry of organized chaos. Determined to redeem himself and help Eleven, Mike leads the group as they journey over 500 miles from Salt Lake City to Nevada.

Joyce, Murray, “Enzo,” and Yuri in California, Alaska, and Russia

Joyce and Murray outside of the crashed plane on Stranger Things

Joyce and Murray figure out a way into Kamchatka, Russia while contacting “Enzo” (Dmitri), which largely occurs at the Byers’ new California home. Practically unaware of the Stranger Things season 4 Vecna threat back in Hawkins, Joyce and Murray eventually reach Kamchatka – via Alaska – and get reunited with Hopper. Along the way, Murray surprises the audience and the traitorous smuggler Yuri with his karate skills, and Joyce and Murray raid Yuri’s massive firearms stash to come up with a plan to break Hopper out. Out of all the Stranger Things season 4 character pairings, Joyce and Murray uniquely succeed at bringing buddy-cop movie energy to the tense 4th season.

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Steve, Eddie, Nancy, Robin, Dustin, Max, Lucas, Erica, and Vecna In Hawkins

Steve, Eddie, Nancy, & Robin in the Upside Down

For better or worse, Nancy, Steve, Dustin, Robin, Eddie, Max, Erica, and Lucas are in Hawkins, and will have front seats to the inevitable Eleven vs Vecna showdown. Apart from Nancy and Max being directly targeted by Vecna, Eddie is also being hunted by Jason, making this the most vulnerable group. Moreover, while Eleven is physically in Nevada, her flashbacks occur at Hawkins Lab, and whether through the Upside Down or Vecna’s mind, Eleven could still return to Hawkins somehow. As Jason mobilizes the residents of Hawkins to scoop the town and find Eddie, they could be danger in getting caught in the crossfire of the coming cataclysm.

Stranger Things also notably uses Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Robert Englund in a cameo as Henry’s father Victor Creel, whom Nancy and Robin last left at the asylum. As Stranger Things season 4 draws to a close, Victor could reappear once more, as he will undoubtedly be affected by whatever happens to his son, Henry. From the relative safety of his prison room at the Hawkins facility, Victor might even get his wish fulfilled and see the Stranger Things grandfather clock in a nightmarish vision of his own, as Vecna could finally decide to end his father’s suffering – if only to serve as another conduit for Vecna’s power.

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Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, July 1, 2022 at 12 AM EST.

Eleven Hopper and Steve in Stranger Things Season 4

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